Copy of Home

  • Responsive Web Design

    Seamless across any device custom built for your business

  • Continued Engagement

    Automated messages tailored to your customers

  • Smart Targeting

    Sends targeted and personalized message to each recipient

  • Embrace Social Media

    Automate relevant posts & engagement from your customers

  • Point of Sale Systems

    The Perfect Point of Sale features for any type and size business

  • Personalized Communication

    Increase your sales by making your offers more relevant to each individual

  • Proximity Marketing

    Projects every business, no matter how small, onto every mobile device user’s screen as soon as they are in vicinity

  • Payment Processing

    Our rates and service speak for themselves


Join the Evolution

Grow Your Business

Incorporate with the latest Technology. Our services cover the needs of any business from A to Z. We bring the services and automation of big businesses to every business small or large.

Reach More People

Put your business, product, or service in front of the right customers at the right time. Reach out to those that are nearby, provide an automated VIP experience to your existing customers. Build loyalty and increase your ROI with no compromise.

Smart Technology

Automatically builds database & customizes marketing tailored to each person. Intuitively learns customers activities and targets marketing using a broad range of e-marketing features. Many of our features can be automatically translated into 60 different languages, to allow you to seamlessly cross all barriers.

Optimize Your ROI

No longer do business owners have to use multiple providers in order to utilize the most effective e-marketing & commerce solutions. Use one ultra affordable platform tailored to your needs. Our platform can be either a great a La Carte into your existing resources, or built specifically from ground up to reach all your business goals and needs. 

Big Business Services Brought To Every Business Small & Large

  • Do You Accept Credit Cards?

    Give us an opportunity to show you how we can provide Better Service, all while saving you Money

  • Do You Own a Small Business?

    Let us give you the resources to grow and excel at a price you can afford

  • Are You a Retailer?

    Let us help you grow your business locally & globally

  • Are You a Restaurateur?

    Contact us to see how we can grow your business, and create loyalty with your current customers

  • Are You a Realtor?

    Stand out from the crowd.
    Offer more then all the others in your market.
    Get more listings
    Capture more buyers effortleslly through our automated platform

  • Get Customers to Post on Social Media Effortlessly

    Get relevant posts on Social Media to boost your brand
    services to those that matter

  • Keep Your Customers Coming Back

    Automate a Reward Program
    Keeps your customers loyal
    coming back for more

  • Stand Out

    Get more listings!
    Capture more buyers!

  • Be Everywhere Your Customers Are

    Seamless Integration across any all Devices

  • Main Goes Big

    The services that were out of reach to small business owners till now!

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