Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing 

Tried & True Method of Communication Is Now Automated Too!

Technologies come and go, but one communication channel has weathered the waves of the wireless revolution. Email still stands as a trusted staple, evidenced by the 91% of consumers who check email at least once a day, and the 44% of email subscribers who purchase because of email marketing. 

But effective email communication does not mean indiscriminate blasting. Main Goes Big helps you maximize the benefits of mass email by integrating the latest automation technologies: smart targeting and auto campaigns. 

Whether you use email communication for announcements or marketing, Main Goes Big's email marketing is powerful, convenient, and effective with the use of templates, message scheduling, and rule-based automation.

What Sets Main Goes Big's Email Marketing
Apart From The Pack?

Marketing Automation

Main Goes Big enables you to send the most relevant messages by tracking subscriber behavior and interests:
• Automatically record message-opening and clickthrough      behaviors.
• Automatically select and send the best message for each  subscriber based on demonstrated interests and  clickthrough behavior.
• The platform continually tracks your targets and sorts    them for successful communication campaigns. Just set it  and forget it!

For example, a restaurant creates a "Vegetarian" distribution list by including customers who self-identified as vegetarian as well as those who clicked on a link for the restaurant's meat-free specials. Then the restaurant identifies which of these customers haven't visited in awhile and entices them to come back with an irresistible coupon for healthy vegetarian entrées. 

You don't have to be a marketer to benefit from Main Goes Big's powerful automation technologies. For employee communications, send reminders to employees who signed up for a benefits program but did not open or clickthrough an important announcement message. Automatically invite last year's volunteers who were actively following your cause to join your task force again this year. For customer communications, automatically resend important notices that have not been opened yet.

The Main Goes Big platform broadens your reach by utilizing all the popular messaging channels. Reach different recipient groups via their preferred channels: SMS, MMS, mobile app, social media, or voice broadcast in addition to email — all from an integrated dashboard. 

For important announcements, reinforce your emails campaigns with follow-up messages through another channel. By employing this cross-channel marketing strategy, you'll leverage every channel your customer uses to maximize their attention.

The Main Goes Big platform marries the popularity of email with the effectiveness of text messaging with email-to-SMS, or SMTP interface. It sends and receives texts through any email account or your company's email server's programming interface.

Other Benefits of Email Marketing with Main Goes Big

Beyond Mass Emailing:Integrated Communications



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