Quick Response Marketing

Quick Response Marketing


  • Easily Increasing Engagement

  • Your Interactive Message Reaches More with Ease & Clarity

  • Codes Serve Many Purposes Simultaneously Build Brand Recognition
    Promote Products
    Custom Campaigns Increase Social Media Traffic

  • QRUS Codes Boost Results
    Custom Designed Campaigns
    Supercharge Existing Marketing

  • Specially Designed
    Full Color
    Visual Engagement


Life becomes interactive with QR marketing

With a click of a button shoppers can engage 
the most relevant and reliable data converged in one place
Full color QR codes deliver interactive messages to mobile devices

Your brand becomes a culture with Qrus Mobile Application!
Our QR's will can visually attract the attention of those nearby. Qrus can help take your offline message or content to an online platform. This tool can help your clients learn more, about the product, and or share the product with friends and family easily. The possibilities are endless, we will cater the codes and endpoints to best meet your needs.
Qrus will simplify an promote organic engagement. Endorsements from your clients, friends & community are more relatable.  They have greater value then impressions by advertisers. Through Qrus you can harness the power of personal recommendations made by those who support you, or those who are nearby.
Visually Engaging so it will have greater usage

Cost of Social Media marketing drastically reduced 

Codes can be used with other existing marketing venues to gain greater return

Codes can be used to track value and effectiveness of other marketing venues in use

Through the extended reach it will reduce the cost and value of other existing marketing campaigns
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