Multi-Media Pricing

Multi-Media Pricing 

Email Marketing

Maximize the benefits of mass email by integrating the latest automation technologies: smart targeting and auto campaigns. Whether you use email communication for announcements or marketing, Our email marketing is powerful, convenient, and effective with the use of templates, message scheduling, and rule-based automation. Automatically record message-opening and clickthrough behaviors. Automatically select and send the best message for each subscriber based on demonstrated interests and clickthrough behavior.

✓ Platform tracks targets and sorts
✓ Automated Hassle-Free Campaigns
✓ Email to SMS Interface
✓ Send and Receive Texts through Email
✓ Powerful Automation
✓ Customizable Templates
✓ Scheduling of Campaigns
✓ Adaptive Automation
Email Plans

SMS Marketing

Reach your customers wherever they may be with concise, memorable messages delivered through the most immediate channel. Engage them using mobile keywords, coupons, QR codes, voting, reminders, Yes/No response, picture messaging and more. Main Goes Big’s mobile text marketing is proven to be highly effective, bringing tangible results for your campaigns.

✓ Text Marketing
✓ MMS Marketing
✓ SMS Marketing
✓ Video Marketing
✓ Coupons
✓ Custom Loyalty Programs
✓ Voting
✓ Appointment Reminders
✓ Automated Campaigns  
✓ Analytics on Customers
✓ Pre-made Templates to get you started!
SMS Plans

Multi-Channel Marketing

What do you get when you combine the most effective and the most efficient communication strategies into one? You get Main Goes Big's Cross-Channel Messaging & Marketing Automation. It’s the first to deliver an integrated interface for mobile, email, social media, and voice technologies with advanced Marketing Automation. So you can reach 100% of your audience with the right message at the right time - all automatically.

✓ Email Marketing
✓ Text, SMS, MMS Marketing
✓ Automated Loyalty Programs
✓ Keyword Marketing
✓ Shortcode Marketing
✓ Intuitive Engagement
✓ Automatically Adaptave
✓ All-in-One Marketing
✓ Plans for any budget  
✓ Call for Custom Quote
Multi-Channel Plan
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