Processing Pricing

Processing Pricing

Our pricing is based on your transaction volume and how you accept transactions. If you’re a seasoned credit card acceptor you know that a teaser rate is not what you’ll actually pay for most of your transactions. What really matters are the rates that you pay for all the cards that you accept. Our expert sales representatives can quickly give you an estimate of your savings in writing so you’re never surprised when your statement arrives. Transparent, honest pricing, isn’t that what every business deserves?

  • Interchange plus pricing is available so you can take advantage of the industry’s lowest cost to accept credit and debt cards. Also called interchange pass-through pricing this plan is typically reserved for only the highest volume businesses, but every client at Leap Payments is offered to this pricing plan to reduce your costs to the bare minimum

  • Multi-tier pricing is also available for businesses with a majority of card present transactions, or who don’t want the complexity of interchange plus. This way you’ll have fixed rates for every card type that you accept.

  • No additional transaction fees for “mid” and “non” qualified cards. Some processors increase the transaction fee for the most common types of cards such as Rewards or Corporate credit cards. With Leap Payments you’ll pay the same transaction cost for every card type that you accept.

  • No Statement Fees, Data Compliance, or Junk Fees because your statement should be easy to understand and you’ve earned the right to receive a paper statement and see your transaction history online for no cost.

  • Talk to one of our sales professionals to tailor a package of solutions to meet your needs, you'll be glad that you did
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